Summer may not officially be over for another few weeks, but Labor Day marked the unofficial close of the summer pool season. If you haven’t shut down your pool already, it is probably on your mind. The temperatures are already dropping, and the kids are back in school, so that pool isn’t getting the kind of use it did over your busy summer. Wondering when you should close up your pool for the season, and how to get it done right? Our swimming pool service in North Haledon NJ will make sure you have the information you need to get the job done right.

  • When should I shut down my pool for the year?
    It can depend on your pool and your personal preferences, but most people close up their pool by the end of September. While a heater will keep your water warm, the outside temperatures will probably not inspire much swimming. Plus, leaving the heater running can run up your electricity bill. Most pool owners find that they get a sense of when it is time to shut up the pool for the year, and that could change from year to year.
  • What is the right way to close up my pool?
    Basically, winterizing your pool comes down to giving everything a thorough cleaning and draining the equipment. There are also winterizing chemicals you can purchase to add to your water, which can help get your pool ready faster next Spring. You’ll want to invest in a good cover for your pool, as well, in order to keep the water covered and clean.

The best way to winterize your pool is to call our swimming pool service in North Haledon NJ. We can give you a step by step guide to winterizing your pool, or come out and do it for you. Proper winterization can help you ensure you are ready for next year’s pool season without lots of set-up and repair!