Pool Openings

  • Remove, fold and clean pool cover if necessary
  • Lower and/or remove cover anchors
  • Remove plugs in the swimming pool
  • “Summerize” pool equipment
  • Start the pool
  • Balance the pool water

Initial Vacuum

  • Remove heavy debris on the bottom of the pool with specialized machinery
  • Skim pool to remove debris from surface
  • Brush off organic stains from pool surface
  • Balance pool water to ensure proper filtration
  • Visually asses equipment for proper operation

Pool Closings

  • Lower water to level appropriate for cover type
  • Professionally winterize all swimming pool lines and equipment
  • Add winter plugs to protect all pool lines
  • Add winter chemicals if requested by customer
  • Cover the swimming pool

When you need professional pool care in New Jersey, Alpa is standing by. Whether you need opening and closing services, general maintenance, or additional pool materials, we’ve got you covered. Visit our retail location in North Haledon to purchase chemicals, covers, and any other accessories you need for your pool.