In the pleasant and sunny world of pool ownership, many myths, urban legends and downright lies circulate among the fine denizens of suburbia, leading to misapprehensions, miscalculations and poor choices. Here at Alpa Pools & Spas, your trusted North Haledon NJ swimming pool maintenance company, we’re here to take aim at a few of the most popular un-truths that plague the pool-loving community.

  1. You must wait an hour after eating before swimming. This isn’t entirely true. The idea that swimming immediately after eating will inevitably lead to a life-threatening cramp seems to have first appeared in an outdated scouting manual from the early 20th century. While the act of swimming does divert the heart’s precious blood to the muscles and away from the stomach during swimming, which can make digestion difficult and even lead to cramping, the idea of being sunk by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is exaggerated, to say the least.
  2. There are pool chemicals that reveal urine in pool water. This is simply not true! There is no manufacturer that has been able to succeed in creating a chemical additive that surrounds a person who has just used the bathroom in the pool with boldly-colored proof. While a novel, even hilarious concept, it is only to be found in movies and television, not real-world pools.
  3. That heavy chemical smell is an indication of a clean pool. It’s actually the opposite. A properly disinfected swimming pool has no strong chemical smell. That strong odor common to many (especially public) pools is actually due to something called chloramines. Chloramines are the byproducts of chlorine’s reaction to contaminants brought in by swimmers. A strong chemical odor is actually an indication that the chlorine in the pool is working overtime due to an excess of contaminants.