Summertime is here, and if you’re planning on making a splash through the sunny season with your pool, it’s essential to take the proper steps to keep things clean and refreshing. Nobody wants to swim in murky, dank pool, which is why the team at Alpa Pools & Spas is here to help! Our company specializes in swimming pool supplies and services across New Jersey, relying on decades of experience to ensure our customers are satisfied with the results. We know the value of maintaining a clean, sparkling pool, and work hard to create the best results for your property!

Throughout the summer, there are a few care tips that may prove helpful in keeping your water cool and clean. Keep reading to learn about our suggestions, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Clean the Filter Often

Much like the filter in your vehicle or HVAC unit, the pool filter is essential for keeping things clean and moving along smoothly. It is important to regularly check and clean your filter based on the type of filter and size of your pool system. Pools that are in use year-round may require to cleanings per year, while most systems can benefit from one.

Keep in mind that the maintenance demands of your filter will depend largely on the type of system utilized for purification purposes. Sand filters, for example, can benefit from regular backwashing, providing affordable and simple results for years to come. Pool cartridges, on the other hand, can be removed and sprayed down for the best results. Also be sure to check water pressure in your filter!

Focus on pH Balancing

One thing that can make or break the luxury of your swimming pool is its chemical balance. The pH in your swimming pool should range between 7.2 and 7.8, which is a little more alkaline than untreated water (7.0). This provides a clean setting for water treatment while maintaining swimmer comfort. If the pH in your pool is wrong, your guests will likely notice right away!

Alpa Pools & Spas has all of the swimming pool supplies needed for your New Jersey pool, including balancing agents to help achieve the perfect pH level. You can find products such as sodium carbonate or bicarbonate to increase alkalinity or muriatic acid/sodium bisulfate to make the water more acidic. Stop by our pool supply store in North Haledon, or contact us online for complete assistance!

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

While this step is highly recommended when opening or closing your pool for the season, we recommend keeping a vigilant eye out for any signs of leakage. Swimming pools hold an immense amount of water in a sealed format, meaning that small cracks and fissures can soon develop into costly problems. If you’ve noticed a small dip in your water levels not related to evaporation, we recommend getting to the root of the problem ASAP.

Alpa Pools & Spas is here to serve as your swimming pool service pros across New Jersey. If you need someone to inspect your pool, feel free to contact us today for assistance!

Clean Your Pool Regularly

Nobody likes swimming in a mixture of leaves, twigs, and bugs, so be sure you schedule regular cleanings to create the cleanest pool in the neighborhood. Our clients have found success in creating their own schedule for pool maintenance, including those that put in 10 minutes each morning, those that cleanwhenever the pool is needed, and so on. Regular cleaning will help to clean out any branches, bugs, or leaves strewn across the surface of your pool, which can also reduce the stress on your filter, pump, and more.

While daily cleanings help to maintain a beautiful shine, pool vacuuming is recommended to scrub down those hard-to-reach spots. A full clean can help to enhance the shine of your swimming pool, reducing the need for chemicals and future cleanups.

Rely on Our Swimming Supply Store

No matter your aquatic needs this summer, it pays to work with a local source for top-notch swimming pool supplies, chemicals, and more. Alpa Pools & Spas of New Jersey is here to provide complete support for your system, including the pool supplies and cleaning services needed for an optimal shine. You can stop by our pool supply store in North Haledon to find the accessories and equipment needed for an optimal experience this summer.

Visit us today to get started, or contact us online with any questions. We look forward to helping you!