As the days get longer and the temperatures start to warm up, many Americans are looking forward to the start of the swimming season. Your pool has spent the last few months in its own sort of hibernation, and now it’s time to wake it up! Alpa Pools & Spas can be very helpful for this process, as well as professional pool winterizing. We offer a wide range of swimming pool services for New Jersey residents, from swimming pool repairs to maintenance. We also stock a full lineup of swimming pool cleaners and accessories at our retail store for you to tackle the job yourself. Whether you’re an aquatic neighborhood hero looking to start the fun season or a business entity preparing to open your pool for business, our trained professionals are standing by to assist!

Today, we’ll cover a few quick tips to help the do-it-yourselfers out there. If you’re in need of any swimming pool services, Alpa Pools & Spas can help!

Pool Cover Removal

Over the winter, your cover has probably collected a plethora of moisture and leaves. Be sure to drain the cover of water and sweep up any debris that is present. Doing this will be beneficial for keeping gunk out of your pool while also keeping the cover neat and tidy for the closing season. Once properly dusted, it’s time to remove the cover. Alpa recommends getting help, as these devices tend to be heavy and unwieldy. Slide the cover off of the water and fold or store it in the approved method. It’ll be okay if some dirt and debris fell into your pool! Once the cover has dried and looks pretty clean, be sure to add a material such as talcum powder to fight the growth of bacteria that is so common with this equipment. Once the cover is stored for the season, you can start to focus on the H2O.

Reconnecting Equipment

The first step would include restoring your pool’s water levels to its former glory. If water was drained for winterization, simply use a garden hose to refill the missing liquid. Now it’s time to reconnect all of the pool equipment that you’ve been storing all winter. Your pool’s filter, heater, and pump are typically pieces that will need to be reassembled before enjoying the water. For amateur owners, we suggest documenting everything with photographs in case there are any questions as to where the equipment goes.

If you attached winter plugs to your skimmer, filter or so on, make sure to replace them with regular plugs. After every piece of the puzzle has been assembled, it is now time to turn it all on to see how everything operates. This is done to get everything more prepared while also checking all of the tools to ensure a smooth operation for when the season is in full swing.

While our blog may be useful for use tips and tricks, it’s important to note that it is not comprehensive in nature and should not be considered the holy grail for information. Next time, we’ll look at the chemical side of pool reopenings. Alpa Pools & Spas is your source for the best swimming pool services in New Jersey. Our team strives to provide everything you need, from in-store chemicals to pool leak detection services. We also offer pool winterizing and spring preparation services to keep your home or business up to speed for the hot season. To learn more about our services or to schedule your own, feel free to contact us today!