From homeowners to city managers, swimming pools play a big part in our state. Now that the spring season is coming into full swing, many pool owners are scrambling to prepare their systems for a season of fun and enjoyment. Proper pool winterizing should have helped to keep your system clean and protected all winter long, and now it is time to sweep away the memories of last winter and look forward to a summer of sunshine.

Alpa Pools & Spas is here to serve as your professional source for swimming pool services in New Jersey, delivering the best cleaning, repair, and maintenance support to our happy customers since 1969. Our dedication to creating a personalized swimming pool maintenance plan ensures that you are receiving the most efficient and cost-effective services in the industry. When you are in need of professional pool services, be sure to contact us for an appointment!

Pool Cleaning Services

Keeping your piscine pristine is a commitment that must be taken care of for the best results. Our cleaning services aim to remove grime, debris, and other particulates that have pooled in your water. It is essential to keep your water clean and chemically balanced, which is where the Alpa experts can prove to be very helpful. We will work with you to create the best pool cleaning plan to keep your guests happy and healthy all season long.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Your pool is comprised of several components that all work in tandem to optimize the comfort and safety for your guests. When your swimming pool equipment breaks down, it’s important to find a local company with the experience and tools needed to create effective solutions. From pool leak detection to equipment repairs, our swimming pool technicians are here to provide full-service assistance in keeping your system in prime condition.

Pool Maintenance Measures

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the best results for your pool. Proper swimming pool maintenance can help to improve the aesthetics of your property while extending the life expectancy of your equipment. In addition to enhancing the experience for your guests and employees, maintaining your swimming pool can save you money in the long run. Alpa Pool & Spas is here to provide assistance to meet your needs and budget.

Swimming Pool Upgrades

Installing improvements for your New Jersey pool can create major benefits for your site as a whole. From advanced cleaners that work silently and efficiently to saltwater conversion kits, you can invest in your pool to improve your operations. Need help creating an upgrade plan that organizes your multi-step renovation process? No problem! The Alpa team is here to help you create an effective plan to optimize the results for your swimming pool.

When it comes to finding the best swimming pool services in New Jersey, nobody works harder than Alpa Pools & Spas. Our team is proud to continue the legacy of our founder, relying on extensive experience and certification training to deliver the best outcome for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about our services or stop by our swimming supply store in Haledon to see how we can create the best experience for your friends or guests!