As we discussed in the last post, winter is upon us. It is time that you winterize your pool if you haven’t done so yet! Remember, your pool was a huge investment! Without proper winterization you may have a big problem on your hands come spring. Even if your pool makes it through the fluctuating temperatures, your pool equipment may not. Proper winterization can often take a couple of hours. If there is no time in your day to complete this process, call Alpa Pools and Spas. We offer all different types of swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ.

When a pool is improperly winterized the damage can remain unseen until you reopen your pool for the spring. When water freezes it expands. This may not cause damage to the pool itself but the pipes are another story. Frigid temperatures can cause contraction and expansion of both the water and the pipes. This can often lead to unseen burst pipes. Draining and blowing out your pool equipment is an extremely important aspect of winterization. This can be a difficult aspect of winterization but the experts at Alpa Pools and Spas can help!

Experts often recommend adding winterizing chemicals to your pool before you close it up for the winter. These chemicals will keep algae and bacteria from growing. It will also keep the water that is left in the pool from freezing and creating damage. Lastly, the pool needs to be covered with the proper pool cover. This will keep out debris, snow, snow melt, rain, and dirt.

If you have yet to winterize your pool, do NOT wait any longer. Call the experts in swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ. Alpa Pools and Spas will take care of the entire process for you!