Many homeowners open, close, and maintain their pools by themselves. Depending on your exact swimming pool system, your opening and closing procedures can slightly vary. If this is the first year that you’ve owned a pool, we suggest consulting either your pool manufacturer or trusted pool repair and service company in North Haledon NJ.

Today we’re going to look at some common mistakes homeowners make when opening their pool in the Spring. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it touches on the most common mishaps that you may make otherwise.

  1. When removing your pool’s cover, try to minimize the rainwater that runs off the pool cover and into the pool itself. While some will inevitably get in, excessive rainwater can be just as responsible for initially poor water quality as much as anything else that happened previously over winter.
  2. Make sure you let the pool cover dry completely before you store it. This will prevent mildew.
  3. Always treat the pool’s metal parts, especially those important moving parts like rails, bolts, diving boards, and ladders to prevent corrosion and rust.
  4. You will likely have to remove air from your pool’s pump and air assembly. 
  5. Don’t shock your pool immediately after opening it! The water in your pool needs at least 1/2 of a day to circulate before you begin the chlorine treatment. If, after opening your pool, you find that it’s turned green over the winter months, this is a good indication that there’s an algae growth problem. Before adding chlorine, add algaecide first and let it do it’s job.