When the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, if you’ve got a pool then you begin to start thinking about winterizing it. Preparing your pool for cooler months isn’t exactly an easy process, and we want you to know of a few common mistakes can cost hundreds of dollars in repair costs when the warmer months come back. No one wants to call their pool repair company in North Haledon NJ because of mistakes of their own doing. Today we’re going to give you a few common mistakes you can avoid when closing your pool.

  1. Don’t rush the process! This is one of the most common mistakes. When you’re rushing, it can be easy to forget important steps of closing your pool. Make sure you have at least three days scheduled to close your pool so that you can ensure that the total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels in your pool are balanced correctly.
  2. Too many chemicals? Too few? If you have too many chemicals in your home pool, it can lead to corrosion of concrete surfaces, pool equipment, and even the pipes! However, not enough chemicals in the water, especially chlorine, will promote algae growth during the winter months and make cleaning out your pool in the spring a major headache.
  3. Are you leaving water in the lines? Blowing the water out of all the lines and properly plugging them is one of the most important steps, too. Why? Because the moment the temperatures decide to drop below freezing, the pool water will expand and the pipes will burst.

If you are hesitant about the process, contact Alpa Pools And Spa to schedule a pool closing today.