Finding where your pool has a leak or figuring out why your pool is turning green when it was fine the previous week isn’t the end of the world. It can be a hassle to pinpoint the source of the trouble in these instances.

While sometimes swimming pool repairs can be a small issue that isn’t costly, other times, it requires investigation and days of monitoring to see where the problem is originating. Instead of trying to identify the problem on your own and spending time and money trying to fix the issue, contact a swimming pool repair specialist to target the problem and solve it quickly. Oftentimes, one problem can snowball and create a secondary issue. Instead of spending your time hunting down the root of the problem, calling a specialist to come and use their knowledge of swimming pools and experience in making repairs can pay off beyond the amount you pay for their time and parts. Reduce the amount of energy you spend to keep your North Haledon pool running smoothly and keep it clear and sparkling.

Alpa Pools & Spas has been around since 1969 and the present owner is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) and a Certified Service Professional (CSP). The CSP is one of the highest certifications within the swimming pool industry. We use BioGuard® products for pool maintenance and supplies. We are also a BioGuard Platinum Dealer and provide the best products for your pool maintenance in our North Haledon, NJ swimming pool supply store. If DIY isn’t your preference for maintenance, contact us for pool service throughout the seasons. Your swimming pool is an investment to enjoy.