Most public outdoor pools close over Labor Day weekend for the winter, but when you have your own swimming pool, you can keep it open as long as you would like , or until the weather starts getting close to freezing. Keeping your pool open and functional will look a little different through the fall, than during the summer.

  • During summer, your pool needs to be checked and the water and chemicals  must be replenished often because of evaporation. During the fall, however, the temperatures during the day won’t be as high, therefore there will be less evaporation. Because of this, you’ll only need to check the chemistry once a week.
  • Swimming pool maintenance for your North Haledon, NJ home won’t need to be performed nearly as often either.
  • During the fall, you’ll have to skim the pool more frequently due to the falling leaves and other debris from the fall weather. If left in the bottom of the pool for too long, leaves can stain the bottom of a pool.
  • Your pump can be used less frequently with the reduced use of the pool. It will only have to be used a portion of the day instead of all day.

When it does get too cold to use your pool, call on a professional for swimming pool maintenance to complete the winterizing process. Having a professional close your pool means you will be protecting your investment. When you go to reopen the pool in the spring, you won’t have any surprises if the pool is closed properly in the fall. Call us at Alpa Pools & Spas to close your pool this fall.