Go ahead and get excited! Swim season is almost here! After this long, harsh, and cold winter, nothing sounds better than summer weather, barbecues, and swimming. When your pool has spent the entire winter under a tarp, there are procedures that you need to follow to get your pool ready for use. Opening procedures are incredibly important if you want to maintain a crystal clear pool during the warm months!

When opening procedures are properly executed you can have your pool up and running very quickly. If you would like to skip the hassle of opening your pool up, call the experts in swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ, Alpa Pools & Spas.

  1. Drain, sweep, or pump all of the excess water and debris off of the pool cover before beginning. Skipping this step will lead to a dirty and hazy pool.
  2. Remove the cover and the cover plugs from all locations.
  3. Allow the covers to fully dry before storing them away.
  4. Lubricate and reinstall all items (ladders, etc.) you took out before the winter began.
  5. Reassemble the pump, filter, and all other items that were disassembled during closing procedures.
  6. Refill the pool to normal levels.
  7. Turn power back on to your pool and check the systems for leaks, cracks, or malfunctions.
    • If problems are encountered you should call Alpa Pools & Spas for professional swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ.
    • Pool Heaters should be inspected and repaired by professionals.
  8. Clean and sweep the pool.
  9. Test the pool water alkalinity and pH. Adjust accordingly.
  10. Run the pool pump for 24 hours as you are adjusting the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.
  11. Once the water is at peak levels, reduce the pool pump to a normal schedule.

The professionals at Alpa Pools & Spas can help you with all of your swimming pool maintenance needs. Give us a call today!