After taking care of swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ you should consider using your pool to rehabilitate new and old injuries. There are a few main reasons why swimming is a good rehabilitation tool:

  • It is low impact. (Unless you are training to be an elite swimmer at which point you will be putting your body through a more intense, higher impact workout.)
  • It is a form of active stretching. Swimming technically will ensure full range of motion movements for many different body parts.
  • It provides just enough resistance from water to provide, over time, sustained aerobic conditioning to the rehabilitating subject, allowing them to continue to workout while rehabbing at the same time.

For back injuries, swimming is particularly useful because it is not weight bearing. The water mostly supports you and you swim pretty close to horizontal, releasing most of the pressures associated with exercises where you need to stand. That pressure is not completely eliminated, and obviously the back is still engaged while swimming. Playing around with strokes can further alleviate pressure. Swimming backstroke is likely one of the best strokes for back injuries. Start with getting in the water to chest level and start walking the pool, eventually add some arm movement and progress to full-on swimming. This is a common suggestion by neurosurgeons for post-spinal surgery rehabilitation. You will also find that physical rehabilitation facilities have therapy pools used for low impact injury rehab. Now, you can use your pool to heal yourself in the comfort of your own backyard.