Owning a pool can cost a lot of money in the end. What pool owners do not realize is that they may be paying more to run their pool pump than they realize. All pool pumps are not created equal. Old pool pumps may require more regular maintenance, and higher energy costs than others. Also, a bad or old pool pump may lead to other necessary swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ. When you are ready to upgrade your pool pump to a more energy efficient model, call up Alpa Pools & Spas.

Many Americans do not realize that owning a pool can drive up energy bills as much as 50%. A normal ½ horsepower pool pump can use 342 kHh  of energy in an 18 hour period. On the other hand a 2 horsepower pool pump can use 1134 kWh of energy every 18 hours. That is a huge difference. No pool pump should be operating 18 hours per day. Residential homes should be using their pool pump for no more than 5 hours every day during the summer months. In the winter your pool pump should not be running. Remember to winterize your pool for the winter to avoid high swimming pool maintenance costs in New Jersey come spring.

Energy Star rated pool pumps have also been available for quite a few years. These pumps were developed to use only ⅓ kWh of power. Since a pool pump can cost you thousands of dollars per year, you will start seeing energy savings right away. It is about time that you and your family become more energy efficient. Call Alpa Pools & Spas to upgrade to an energy efficient pool pump.