Swimming pool maintenance is imperative to keep your pool sparkling clean through swimming season. The pool chemicals need to be monitored and kept at proper levels and the filter needs to be cleaned out regularly to ensure clean water. When the pool stops being clear, the pump or filter may be the culprit. Regular maintenance, including cleaning out the filter and checking the pump, can help to identify when there’s an issue caused by a faulty pump or filter. Here are some things to help identify that repairs need to be made. When regular swimming pool maintenance is happening and green scum begins growing in the pool water, it is one indication something is wrong. This may be caused by a few issues:

  • The pump isn’t pulling water through. When cleaning your filter, check to see if the pump is pulling water through. Sometimes the pump’s impeller will get clogged and it will stop working. Another cause might be that there is an air leak in the suction line.
  • The pump is leaking water. There may be a number of reasons for leaks, like a poor seal, an o-ring that needs to be replaced or the thread sealant. Either way, the pump needs to have a good seal in order to properly filter the water.
  • The motor doesn’t work or shuts itself off. This may be a result of a number of electrical issues and should be looked at by a specialist to identify why it’s happening.
  • The pump or motor might be noisy. If it sounds like there are rocks in it, the fix may be as simple as putting a rubber mat under it to help absorb the vibration. If it is experiencing other issues, it may be that the filter or impeller are clogged, so simply checking those may fix it. However, the issue may be in the motor and take replacing parts in the motor.
  • The motor or pump is sucking in air. This might be an air leak, which is common, but the pool pump should be airtight.

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