As summer quickly approaches many individuals are beginning their seasonal workout program. After the long winter it is only reasonable that most people will spend their time getting back into shape. A backyard swimming pool is the perfect location for friends and family to congregate at during the summer months. You’ll spend hours outside grilling, hanging out, tanning, and swimming. Just remember, do not forget to take care of your health during this time! Use your pool for your daily workouts. To get your pool in top shape before the summer give Alpa Pools & Spas, the experts in swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ, a call today!

The last thing you want is a hazy, dirty looking pool when you hop in for your daily workout or weekend pool party. The experts at Alpa Pools & Spas can take care of that. No matter what swimming pool services you need, we can help!

Now, let us explain to you how your gorgeous pool can double as your gym! Water workouts are one of the best forms of exercise. Water creates resistance which will help an individual burn more calories and work your muscles much harder. Swiming also engages your core much more than traditional exercises because there is no base of stabilization. When you are an avid runner or cyclist you’ll quickly learn that the  muscle groups a swimming routine work out are much different than cycling or running will work out. Swimming is also much easier on the joints of the body since it is a non-weight bearing form of exercise. Anyone can participate!

This summer is the time where you can utilize your beautiful pool for much more than just sunbathing and splashing around. Get fit and enjoy the summer in your beautiful pool. Call Alpa Pools & Spas for any swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ that your pool may need!