Decreasing the use of chemicals is one of many reasons why pool owners are looking to convert their chlorine pool to a salt water system. Salt water systems are becoming a more popular option for pool owners who are sensitive to chlorine. Switching from chlorine to salt water will also eliminate the harmful chlorine vapors and the harsh chlorine effects on skin and swim gear. If you are looking to convert your pool you need to contact the professionals at Alpa Pools and Spas for swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ.

Your in-ground pool may be much more enjoyable without the itch of the chlorine, the lingering chlorine smell, or the green hair. You will also avoid the post-pool red eyes when you switch to a salt water system. When you use less chemicals to keep your pool clean and clear, the perks are felt by every family member. The decreased maintenance is almost enough to sway any pool owner! You will also spend much less money on chemicals to keep the pool pH at the optimal levels.

Be aware that salt water systems are not for every pool. Salt water can wreak havoc on concrete pools.  Salt is corrosive and will lead to the breakdown of the pool surface over time. You may find yourself resurfacing your pool much sooner than expected. The salt water may also lead to a breakdown of your pool deck if not properly sealed and cleaned.

If you are thinking about converting, do your homework. Talk to the professionals at Alpa Pools and Spas,  for any swimming pool maintenance questions you may have in North Haledon, NJ.