Is your in ground pool becoming a bore? Has it lost its original sparkle? Your local swimming pool supply store is ready to help you revamp your in ground pool to bring back the excitement! Here are some tips and ideas for ways to renovate your pool. 

Replace the Vinyl Liner

Did you know an in ground vinyl pool should be reinvested in about every fifteen to twenty years? This prevents deterioration and keeps your pool looking just as good as the day you bought it! The simplest and most affordable renovation is adding a new vinyl liner. This allows you to add new design and a fresh look to your outdoor haven. The new lining also gives you the opportunity to inspect the walls for any cracks or rust occurring under the lining. Not feeling ready to install a new vinyl liner yourself? Call your friends at Alpa Pools & Spas, pool supply store in North Haledon, New Jersey, to install a new pool liner for you! They offer a free quotes for vinyl liner replacements and other services offered!

Dress up your Deck

Another renovation with the potential to drastically change the appearance of your pool area is redoing the deck around the pool. There are a few different options for this. You can use stone, stone tiles, or wood. You can even paint and carve cement for an artistic, modern look. For a change of pace for the deck, you can try a deck stain. Pick a color from the pool supply store and paint your current deck in a new shade. You can even mix different mediums for a more interesting look like stone and wood.

Light Up Your Swim

Looking for an upgrade that will really make your pool luminescent? Warm things up with a fire feature near the pool. Adding a fire feature near your pool is an enticing way to add a touch of ambiance to your late night swims. Visitors who see your pool area lit by fire will enjoy the effect of the two elements of fire and water.

Shaping Up

If you are in the market for a more drastic change, try altering the shape of your pool by widening, lengthening, or adding curves. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your vision, add a water feature in or near your pool. 
Water features can add an extra level of relaxation! You can add waterfalls, fountains, or bubbling rocks. These will all give your pool a more natural feel. The sound of the constant running water will put your mind at ease whether you are actually swimming, or just lounging around it.

Is your pool are ready for a new addition or makeover? Don’t neglect your swimming pool any longer, choose to find new ways to improve it and bring the fun back into your time outdoors. Find a pool supply store near your North Haledon, NJ home to start pricing out your pool renovation! Alpa Pools & Spas specializes in pool renovations and upgrades! Get a free quote on your upgrades today!