A chlorinated pool is not the only way to keep a pool clean and clear, although they are a common option for swimming pool maintenance. Salt water pool systems can also provide owners with great benefits. With salt water systems, there is less maintenance, but it is still important to follow a few steps to check the water and maintain the mineral levels in the pool. In addition, with a salt water pool there are no chloramines involved, the water will be softer, and there is a lower cost for operation. These benefits can outweigh any hesitation to try a different water treatment for the pool.

Here are some steps for maintaining a salt water pool with the proper swimming pool supplies:

  • Test weekly to check the pool water for chlorine and pH levels.The ideal is to keep it between one and three parts per million (ppm).
  • Test the water monthly for levels on salt, alkalinity, stabilizer and calcium. The levels depend on the salt minerals and brands used.
  • Inspect the cell every three months. The control box may have an indicator light, but it’s important to clear off any scale buildup and debris that may have passed through the filter. If there is any debris, use a high powered hose attachment to clean the filter. Mild acid washes may need to be used to clear anything that that isn’t washed away. Follow directions from the manufacturer for the correct ratio of muriatic acid to water, let it soak, then rinse.
  • Clean and rinse out the filter, pump and skimmer often to keep the water flow at optimal levels.

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