1. Staying Safe In Residential Pools

    Owning a pool comes with a great responsibility. One that unfortunately many pool owners overlook. Swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ wants to relay some important safety tips to remember before you open your pool for the summer to friends and family. Adding as many safety steps as possible is the best way to assure a safe and fun experience in a residential pool or spa. These are safe…Read More

  2. Take The Plunge

    Are you and your family considering taking the plunge and getting a swimming pool in your backyard or upgrading your existing pool? We applaud your decision and are here to help take the hassle out of your decision. The first step in building a swimming pool is making a plan. You must choose your site carefully, while remembering your budget restrictions as well as local laws that are in place. Th…Read More

  3. 6 Most Common Swimming Pool Problems

    With Summer almost officially here it is almost time to jump in the pool for heat relief. Maintaining a pool can be a daunting task since most of us are not professional chemists. Although it is recommended you contact a swimming pool expert for any problems that may arise you may still feel like trying it on your own. We want you to be aware of the 6 most common pool problems: Algae Affliction Th…Read More

  4. Is Your Pool Ready For Memorial Day With Swimming Pool Service North Haledon NJ?

    Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on the sacrifices of soldiers. We also plan cookouts and start to think about getting our backyard pool ready for the season. Our swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ can help you with 5 tips for getting the family pool splash ready. Remove the cover If your pool has been covered all winter long you will want to take the cover off as your first step.…Read More

  5. Maintain Your Pool For Summer Swim Workouts

    As summer quickly approaches many individuals are beginning their seasonal workout program. After the long winter it is only reasonable that most people will spend their time getting back into shape. A backyard swimming pool is the perfect location for friends and family to congregate at during the summer months. You’ll spend hours outside grilling, hanging out, tanning, and swimming. Just remem…Read More

  6. Spring Opening Procedures

    Go ahead and get excited! Swim season is almost here! After this long, harsh, and cold winter, nothing sounds better than summer weather, barbecues, and swimming. When your pool has spent the entire winter under a tarp, there are procedures that you need to follow to get your pool ready for use. Opening procedures are incredibly important if you want to maintain a crystal clear pool during the war…Read More

  7. Energy Reduction Tips for a Pool

    A residential pool can be a huge expense to a family. With outdated or non-energy efficient equipment, the energy bill may be much higher than necessary. While more American families are searching for ways to cut back on their energy consumption, many may not think about their pool energy consumption. For energy saving tips you can always ask a swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ or search…Read More

  8. Reducing Energy Output of a Pool

    Owning a pool can cost a lot of money in the end. What pool owners do not realize is that they may be paying more to run their pool pump than they realize. All pool pumps are not created equal. Old pool pumps may require more regular maintenance, and higher energy costs than others. Also, a bad or old pool pump may lead to other necessary swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ. When you ar…Read More

  9. Converting Your Pool to a Salt Water System

    Decreasing the use of chemicals is one of many reasons why pool owners are looking to convert their chlorine pool to a salt water system. Salt water systems are becoming a more popular option for pool owners who are sensitive to chlorine. Switching from chlorine to salt water will also eliminate the harmful chlorine vapors and the harsh chlorine effects on skin and swim gear. If you are looking to…Read More

  10. Problems with Concrete Pools

    So, you have decided to pull the trigger and look into building your dream pool. Each type of in-ground swimming pool has their own set of cost vs. benefits. Concrete pools are no exception. There are specific problems with concrete pools that may not be well known. The fact of the matter is that you should know the potential drawbacks prior to starting any construction. If you currently own a con…Read More