1. DIY Pool Maintenance for the Fall

    Most swimming pool maintenance can be done by you, the homeowner. It takes learning how to maintain it and carving out the time to do the maintenance on a regular basis, but it is possible to save money as a DIY pool owner. Here are some tips and the frequency with which you should take care of pool cleaning and maintaining for your North Haledon, NJ home pool. Skim the pool daily. Especially duri…Read More

  2. Tips on Running Your Pool through the Fall Months

    Most public outdoor pools close over Labor Day weekend for the winter, but when you have your own swimming pool, you can keep it open as long as you would like , or until the weather starts getting close to freezing. Keeping your pool open and functional will look a little different through the fall, than during the summer. During summer, your pool needs to be checked and the water and chemicals ¬…Read More

  3. We Debunk Common Pool Myths

    In the pleasant and sunny world of pool ownership, many myths, urban legends and downright lies circulate among the fine denizens of suburbia, leading to misapprehensions, miscalculations and poor choices. Here at Alpa Pools & Spas, your trusted North Haledon NJ swimming pool maintenance company, we're here to¬†take aim at a few of the most popular un-truths that plague the pool-loving communi…Read More

  4. 2 More Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

    Here at Alpa Pools & Spas, we¬†specialize in providing high quality spa and pool services like¬†spa & pool repair, spa & pool maintenance, and spa & pool supplies. We offer a wide variety of professional services that can handle all of your¬†North Haledon NJ swimming pool repair and maintenance needs. Today we're discussing a couple more mistakes people make when taking care of the…Read More

  5. 2 Of The Most Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

    Alpa Pools & Spas has been a family owned and operated North Haledon NJ swimming pool repair and maintenance company since 1969.¬†We specialize in providing high quality spa and pool services such as; spa & pool repair, spa & pool maintenance, and spa & pool supplies. There‚Äôs a reason so many homeowners choose to have swimming pools and the positives can greatly outweigh any nega…Read More

  6. How to Find a Leak in your Swimming Pool

    Having a swimming pool makes the summer months enjoyable. You can spend time close to the water, outdoors, without having to get sandy from being at the beach. If you have a personal pool, you can walk out your backdoor and be there. Swimming pools do take time and energy to maintain, however. If your pool gets a leak or a crack in it, it can be a hassle to keep water in it, even if the leak is sm…Read More

  7. Pool Party Games For Adults

    It doesn't take long for your inner child to emerge when you're splish-splashing around a swimming pool under the hot sun, but if your pool party's guests are all adults, games such as "Marco Polo" won't necessarily please the guests. Instead, your pool supplies store in North Haledon, NJ put together a fresh list of games for adults that combine fun with just a little competition. Pool Pong Provi…Read More

  8. Rehab Injuries With Swimming

    After taking care of swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ you should consider using your pool to rehabilitate new and old injuries. There are a few main reasons why swimming is a good rehabilitation tool: It is low impact. (Unless you are training to be an elite swimmer at which point you will be putting your body through a more intense, higher impact workout.) It is a form of active str…Read More

  9. Heavy Rain & Your Pool

    With much of the country experiencing record rainfall reminding us summer has not quite arrived you may need swimming pool maintenance in North Haledon, NJ. Rain water affects pools in many ways. Rain is, and has always been acidic, so naturally rainfall tends to lower pool water pH. In addition to driving the pH down, heavy rainfall can have many negative effects on pool water. Chlorine levels ca…Read More

  10. 4 Reasons Your Next Workout Should Be A Swim

    Getting into the pool usually means you are on a tropical vacation or dipping in to cool off on a hot summer day. The concept of swimming laps on the other hand, may cause the opposite feeling. Use our swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ to get your pool ready and get you in the best shape of your life. Before you shoot that idea down let us give you 4 reasons why your next workout should b…Read More