1. Our Pool Supply Store

    We have everything you need to have a beautiful, efficient above or below ground pool. Who better to get your pool supplies and equipment from than a local pool supply store in North Haledon that specializes in pool renovations and services? In business since 1969, Alpha Pools & Spas has become the area’s leader, not only setting the bar for quality pool services, but for providing North…Read More

  2. Pool Repair North Haledon NJ: Pool Opening Mistakes To Avoid

    Many homeowners open, close, and maintain their pools by themselves. Depending on your exact swimming pool system, your opening and closing procedures can slightly vary. If this is the first year that you've owned a pool, we suggest consulting either your pool manufacturer or trusted pool repair and service company in North Haledon NJ. Today we’re going to look at some common mistakes homeowne…Read More

  3. Pool Repair North Haledon NJ: Pool Closing Mistakes To Avoid

    When the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall, if you’ve got a pool then you begin to start thinking about winterizing it. Preparing your pool for cooler months isn't exactly an easy process, and we want you to know of a few common mistakes can cost hundreds of dollars in repair costs when the warmer months come back. No one wants to call their pool repair company in North H…Read More

  4. Maintenance Can Help Troubleshoot Pool Issues

    Swimming pool maintenance is imperative to keep your pool sparkling clean through swimming season. The pool chemicals need to be monitored and kept at proper levels and the filter needs to be cleaned out regularly to ensure clean water. When the pool stops being clear, the pump or filter may be the culprit. Regular maintenance, including cleaning out the filter and checking the pump, can help to i…Read More

  5. Let the Experts Troubleshoot and Make Swimming Pool Repairs

    Finding where your pool has a leak or figuring out why your pool is turning green when it was fine the previous week isn’t the end of the world. It can be a hassle to pinpoint the source of the trouble in these instances. While sometimes swimming pool repairs can be a small issue that isn’t costly, other times, it requires investigation and days of monitoring to see where the problem is origin…Read More

  6. Benefits and Basic Maintenance of Salt Water Pools

    A chlorinated pool is not the only way to keep a pool clean and clear, although they are a common option for swimming pool maintenance. Salt water pool systems can also provide owners with great benefits. With salt water systems, there is less maintenance, but it is still important to follow a few steps to check the water and maintain the mineral levels in the pool. In addition, with a salt water …Read More

  7. Is Your Pool Still Cool?

    Is your in ground pool becoming a bore? Has it lost its original sparkle? Your local swimming pool supply store is ready to help you revamp your in ground pool to bring back the excitement! Here are some tips and ideas for ways to renovate your pool.  Replace the Vinyl Liner Did you know an in ground vinyl pool should be reinvested in about every fifteen to twenty years? This prevents deteriora…Read More

  8. DIY Pool Maintenance for the Fall

    Most swimming pool maintenance can be done by you, the homeowner. It takes learning how to maintain it and carving out the time to do the maintenance on a regular basis, but it is possible to save money as a DIY pool owner. Here are some tips and the frequency with which you should take care of pool cleaning and maintaining for your North Haledon, NJ home pool. Skim the pool daily. Especially duri…Read More

  9. Tips on Running Your Pool through the Fall Months

    Most public outdoor pools close over Labor Day weekend for the winter, but when you have your own swimming pool, you can keep it open as long as you would like , or until the weather starts getting close to freezing. Keeping your pool open and functional will look a little different through the fall, than during the summer. During summer, your pool needs to be checked and the water and chemicals …Read More

  10. We Debunk Common Pool Myths

    In the pleasant and sunny world of pool ownership, many myths, urban legends and downright lies circulate among the fine denizens of suburbia, leading to misapprehensions, miscalculations and poor choices. Here at Alpa Pools & Spas, your trusted North Haledon NJ swimming pool maintenance company, we're here to take aim at a few of the most popular un-truths that plague the pool-loving communi…Read More