1. Previewing Our Top Swimming Pool Supplies In New Jersey Part 1

    As the summer heat reaches its full force, many Americans are taking to swimming pools in order to have fun and stay in shape while staying cool. As a proud pool owner, we’re betting that you are always on the lookout for swimming pool equipment that can make your life easier while providing a better experience for everyone. Anyone looking to optimize their aquatic time with the best swimming po…Read More

  2. Tips For Preparing Your Swimming Pool For Spring Part 2

    Summer is now on the horizon and everyone is gearing up to soak in the sunshine. Across our great nation, many citizens are unveiling their pools and getting prepped to make that first splash of the season. After all of that pool winterizing you completed last year, it’s time to get busy preparing your swimming pool for recreation. If you are in need of professional swimming pool services in New…Read More

  3. Tips For Preparing Your Swimming Pool For Spring Part 1

    As the days get longer and the temperatures start to warm up, many Americans are looking forward to the start of the swimming season. Your pool has spent the last few months in its own sort of hibernation, and now it’s time to wake it up! Alpa Pools & Spas can be very helpful for this process, as well as professional pool winterizing. We offer a wide range of swimming pool services for New J…Read More

  4. The Process Of Pool Winterizing Part 2

    For many people, the changing seasons also equate to changing chores and to-dos. This idea can be especially true for the owners of swimming pools of any kind, residential or public. Winterizing your pool is vital for keeping it in top fashion for years to come. Our neck of the woods can expose these bodies of water to extreme temperatures, which will protect the pool and keep everything in clean …Read More

  5. The Process Of Pool Winterizing Part 1

    That wintery time of year is already upon us. The days are becoming shorter and the nights are bereft of warmth. For many people in New Jersey, the changing of the seasons brings the need for swimming pool winterization services. If you’re in need of winter closing services for your pool, Alpa Pools & Spas can help. Our trained crew has been providing swimming pool services to the NJ area fo…Read More

  6. Signs Your Pool is In Need of Repair Work

    Not only does Alpa Pools & Spas sell swimming pool supplies in NJ, we offer top-quality repair services, too. Most pools can last years without experiencing issues, especially if they are well maintained and services on a regular basis. But even the best pool is going to need some repair work eventually. That's when you can count on our team to get the work done quickly so you can start enjoyi…Read More

  7. Should You Maintain Your Pool Yourself or Hire Someone to Do It?

    Once you've owned a pool, it's probably something you can't imagine being without. The lazy summer days in the pool with the family, relaxing with friends after a BBQ, or romantic midnight swims for two...it's all part of the magic of owning a pool. One of the downsides, though, is the maintenance. Pools require time in order to keep them looking their best. So is it worth hiring someone to do the…Read More

  8. The Benefits of Using a Salt Water System in Your NJ Pool

    Most of us are familiar with the sharp smell of a pool. That smell is the chlorine that's used to clean and disinfect the water. On the whole, it's a good smell; it means the pool is being maintained and should be safe to use. However, chlorine isn't for everyone. Some people may experience allergies to it or just object to the presence of a large amount of chemicals in their swimming water. For w…Read More

  9. Robotic Pool Cleaners

    As your New Jersey pool supplies specialists, we are proud to bring you the highest quality products at prices you’ll love. We are passionate about making sure you have effective equipment for your specific pool, so we are always dedicated to bringing you the information you need to make the best decisions. With this in mind, we’ve been doing a series on the three main types of pool cleaners, …Read More

  10. Suction Pool Cleaners

    Last time we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of pressure pool cleaners, we showed you how they are perfect for pools that are susceptible to gathering large debris such as leaves and grass, or even bugs, but they aren’t good for scrubbing the walls or removing small particles. One the other hand, a suction pool cleaner is designed to handle this kind of cleaning. If you are looking for suct…Read More