Investing in a heater or heat pump is a perfect way to extend your swimming season in New Jersey and get the most from your pool. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make the best decision, and getting your pool equipment from a trusted pool supply store near you will help ensure both quality and durability. At Alpha Pools & Spas, we only stock and sell the pool parts, supplies, and equipment that we would trust to use, so you can rest easy knowing that you are buying from the very best.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Because heat pumps are so energy efficient and cost a fraction of what propane heaters would to run, they have become more and more popular with homeowners, especially in New Jersey. By “pumping” air over a heated coil and using that hot air to increase the temperature of the water in your pool, heat pumps only require a small amount of heated refrigerant and air to work. However, because they do use the surrounding air, they are ineffective when the outside temperatures drop below 50℉.

Swimming Pool Heaters

While less efficient in warmer temperatures than heat pumps, pool heaters are more affordable upfront and they work faster and in any temperature. This means you could swim in your heated pool even in a New Jersey winter if you wanted to. Because these heaters typically use natural gas (or propane in some cases) to work, they can get a little pricey to run.

Talk to the pool supply specialists near you and see which option is right for you!