Here at Alpa Pools & Spas, we specialize in providing high quality spa and pool services like spa & pool repair, spa & pool maintenance, and spa & pool supplies. We offer a wide variety of professional services that can handle all of your North Haledon NJ swimming pool repair and maintenance needs. Today we’re discussing a couple more mistakes people make when taking care of their pools.

  1. Turning off the pool pump. It’s true that not running your swimming pool pump could possibly save you money on your electric bill. However, the money you save in electricity can quickly be spent on chlorine, acid and service maintenance. Swimming pools are designed to keep themselves clean. When run properly, your filter and skimmer keep out debris which fosters algae growth. However, all swimming pools are unique, so we suggest you running your pool pump for 7 to 8 hours each day during the summer. If you have experienced some unwanted algae, or are trying to get your pool from green to blue, we suggest you run your pool for 24 hours per day until the condition of your pool improves
  2. Inappropriate use of algaecide. Algaecides, such as the well-known Yellow Treat, are used to treat different types of algae present in pool water. Most algaecides will highly reduce your chlorine level upon application. It’s important that you counteract this effort by ensuring that you have a high level of chlorine in the pool prior to applying the treatment. Low levels of chlorine in conjunction with the algaecide can turn a green pool even greener!