Do your weekend plans involve hopping in the pool for a refreshing swim? Or maybe lounging poolside during a cookout with family and friends? If your plans have been derailed due to malfunctioning pool equipment, don’t despair! Just call our swimming pool repair in North Haledon, NJ. We’ll send someone out to your site to take a look at your pool. They’ll diagnose the issue and get it repaired as quickly as possible. You’ll be back in the pool in no time!

Our team can repair and service all of your pool equipment. We specialize in equipment upgrades, too, so your broken equipment may be the perfect opportunity to get something better in place. We can handle your salt water conversion, install new filters, add pool lights, or replace your old heater with one that’s most energy efficient. If you aren’t ready for an upgrade, no problem! We’ll get your original equipment fixed so you can get your fun weekend plans back on track.

Think you can fix the problem yourself? Come by our retail store and pick up the supplies you need to get the job done. Our store in North Haledon is staffed by swimming pool repair experts, and they’ll be happy to give you advice on what you might need or things to try to get repairs done yourself. If you run into trouble back home, give us a call and we’ll come help you sort it out. We’re the full service swimming pool maintenance and repair company that is here to make owning a pool a pleasure!