Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on the sacrifices of soldiers. We also plan cookouts and start to think about getting our backyard pool ready for the season. Our swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ can help you with 5 tips for getting the family pool splash ready.

  • Remove the cover
    • If your pool has been covered all winter long you will want to take the cover off as your first step. It is also helpful to protect the cover by rinsing any debris off.
  • Determine what color the pool water is
    • The answer to this question will help you determine if you will be swimming today or in two weeks. When the pool is properly winterized in the fall and is opened before the temperature is consistently in the 70’s each day you should expect the water to be relatively clear. If you uncover the pool and the water is green or black it will be a couple of weeks out before you can get in.
  • Now it is time to determine what chemicals you will need
    • The most important chemicals to check in your pool are chlorine, PH, total alkalinity, cynauric acid, calcium hardness, and if you have a salt water pool then you must check the salt ppm levels as well. To properly maintain the pool you must adjust the chemical readings to fall within the appropriate ranges. This will help ensure that you are swimming in water that is clear and safe.
  • Check to see if your pump and filter are working properly
    • If your pump has been turned off for several months it may not start. This is good to know sooner rather than later since it circulates your pool water to keep it cleaner.
  • Finally
    • If the pool is clean and chemically balanced look over everything one last time for safety issues.

Now you are open for the season! Jump in, have fun, and don’t forget the sunscreen.