Since 1969, Alpa Pools has been a family owned and locally operated business located right here in Northern New Jersey. We are proud of the quality pool service that we offer and love to hear about how happy our customers are. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with absolutely no exceptions – we’re that dedicated to you! We love performing swimming pool service and repairs for the North Haledon NJ community and surrounding areas. Winter is on our heels and we have some suggestions on how you can close your pool for winter – with or without our help! Call us if you need assistance.

1. Balance your pool’s chemistry by adjusting the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Then, shock the water with chlorine to kill all living bacteria in the pool. Lastly, add a winterizing algaecide to kill existing algae. You don’t want things growing in there!

2. Clean the pool. First, remove everything but the water from the pool. Then, skim it, vacuum it, and brush it. Make sure you clean your pool the same day you shut it down.

3. Lower the water level and drain the equipment. Then, winterize the plumbing so that things don’t freeze when temperatures drop.

4. Cover the pool. Make sure you don’t leave any cracks or holes. You don’t want debris getting in there. We say that a mesh safety cover tightly covers the pool and is the safest bet. If you have an above-ground pool, use some air pillows to prevent the expansion of ice.

Call us if you need help winterizing your pool!