Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. However, maintaining a clean swimming pool throughout the season is important for more than simply hygienic or aesthetic reasons. When you have dirty feet, debris from windstorms, and leaves from surrounding trees in your pool, it can begin to clog up your filters, motors, and heaters, and cause them to fail. At Alpha Pools and Spas, we have the best automatic pool cleaners on the market, so you can hire one of our professionals to clean your pool efficiently for you, or get one for yourself from our retail location.

There are numerous benefits from having your pool cleaned by an automatic cleaner, including:


Say goodbye to handheld nets and manual scrubbing. Automatic pool cleaners offer an even better clean in a far more convenient setting, so that you can get your pool sparkling in no time. There are even some cleaners that are remote-controlled to make cleaning that much easier.

Better Clean

An automatic pool cleaner scrubs the interior walls of your pool while it is still full. This means that not only do you get a better appearance, but you can have a deeper, more impactful clean without emptying the pool to scrub the walls yourself.

More Efficient

You know all too well the painstaking effort it takes to clean your pool by hand, and even when you think you’re done, you always notice something that you missed. Automatic cleaners are programmable and can navigate through the water almost by themselves, making a chore that used to last three hours take only about 45 minutes.

In addition to these benefits, when you hire pool maintenance specialists who use automatic cleaners, they can get the job done better and more efficiently so you have a pool you will love.

Whether you are looking for an automatic pool cleaner for yourself, or you want to hire a maintenance company to take care of it for you, Alpha Pools & Spas has exactly what you need. Stop by or contact us today!