With Summer almost officially here it is almost time to jump in the pool for heat relief. Maintaining a pool can be a daunting task since most of us are not professional chemists. Although it is recommended you contact a swimming pool expert for any problems that may arise you may still feel like trying it on your own. We want you to be aware of the 6 most common pool problems:

  • Algae Affliction
    • This is probably the most common swimming pool problem. The surface of the pool is green leaving swimmers emerging like swamp monsters.
    • You can easily fix this problem by shocking the pool with up to three times the amount of a normal shock. Combine with algaecide and that should take care of it.
  • Clogged Filter
    • The pool is starting build debris and the filter is full.
    • Don’t worry it is good that the filter is doing its job! Simply clear the clogged filter and perform annual chemical cleaning.
  • Foaming
    • White suds can be seen on the surface of your pool.
    • Purchase anti-foam solution from a reputable pool dealer than can vouch for the product.
  • Murky Water
    • You cannot see the bottom of your pool through the water.
    • This is mostly likely due to an unbalanced pH level. Test the water’s level and adjust accordingly.
  • Mineral Issues
    • Your pool is either brown or bright teal in color.
    • Purchase a chemical to remove minerals from your pool dealer.
  • Staining
    • Your pool has a brown ring on the walls or floor.
    • This one is for the professionals to handle. Present them with a sample and let them take care of it.

If you don’t feel qualified to get your pool ready or just don’t have time our swimming pool service in North Haledon, NJ is here to help you!