As your New Jersey pool supplies specialists, we are proud to bring you the highest quality products at prices you’ll love. We are passionate about making sure you have effective equipment for your specific pool, so we are always dedicated to bringing you the information you need to make the best decisions. With this in mind, we’ve been doing a series on the three main types of pool cleaners, so you can find the most efficient option for your needs.

First, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of pressure pool cleaners, which, while they are easy to maintain and don’t place any pressure on your pool’s system, are usually only efficient for large debris such as bugs, grass, and leaves. Last month, we talked about the benefits of suction pool cleaners, which are highly efficient for fine particles and scrubbing the walls of your pool, but they place a lot of stress on your pool’s filter. Today, we’ll be discussing the robotic pool cleaner.

How It Works

The robotic pool cleaner is by far the most efficient, effective cleaning system on the market. It uses its own electric motor, powered by your home’s electricity, and is fitted with its own pump and filters, which relieves all of the stress that other cleaners place on your pool’s existing equipment. Some robotic cleaners feature a computer chip, which monitors its cleaning habits and needs, and adapt to clean your pool more efficiently.


  • Clean both large and small debris or particles from your pool
  • Cleans pool walls, floor, and water
  • Moves water throughout the pool
  • Eliminates any pressure on your pool’s equipment, so it will last longer


  • More expensive
  • Limited by length of power chord
  • You’ll need to empty the filter on the pump

If you think a robotic pool cleaner is right for you, then contact our specialists at Alpha Pools & Spas today or stop by our retail location in North Haledon!