man cleaning a pool

When you own a pool, it requires a lot of regular maintenance. It can be frustrating to constantly make trips to the store or order products online, so Alpa Pool and Spas in New Jersey has created this handy list of the essential items you need to take great care of your pool all year long. Come visit our store to find the products you need, or give us a call today to take advantage of our full pool services. We look forward to helping you make your pool incredible!

Test Strips

It is incredibly important for you to regularly check the chemical levels in your pool. These handy strips quickly allow you to test the levels of:

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Water hardness
  • Alkaline levels
  • pH
  • Cyanuric acid

By testing your pool regularly, you ensure that your pool is safe for swimming, and can decrease the time you spend cleaning your pool.

Pool Shock

No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your pool is going to become dirty after continual usage. There will be bits of bacteria from natural sources like bugs, trees, human skin cells, oils, and more! If your pool begins to smell bad or you notice slight signs of algae, it’s time to shock the pool. It’s usually best to shock your pool once a week depending on how much you use it.

Pool Cover

Cleaning out a pool can be a real pain. Investing in a pool cover will allow you to decrease the amount of time you spend trying to remove leaves, bugs, and other gunk from your pool. Solid covers will keep your water levels mostly intact, and are great for winter. If you choose a mesh cover, you will still keep the debris out of your pool, but it will allow your pool to drain a little bit as water evaporates.

Telescoping Pole

These handy pool tools will save you a lot of time and annoyance. You can purchase a simple rod that has a mesh basket on it which is great for skimming leaves and other items from the top of the pool, or you can opt to buy one with interchangeable heads that will allow you to brush or vacuum the pool as well. The benefit of a telescoping pole lets you reach deep into the pool or keep the handle short so you can have more control.

There are a myriad of pool supplies you are able to buy, and the more you learn about pool care, the more accessories you may talk yourself into. But if you start with these four pool supplies, you can be in a great place. When you need to buy your own accessories for your new New Jersey pool, look no further than Alpa Pool and Spa! Get in touch with us now for seasonal pool maintenance or come to our store to find everything you’ll need to keep your pool clean and fun. We look forward to helping you make your pool a relaxing escape or an exciting party!