Alpa Pools & Spas has been a family owned and operated North Haledon NJ swimming pool repair and maintenance company since 1969. We specialize in providing high quality spa and pool services such as; spa & pool repair, spa & pool maintenance, and spa & pool supplies.

There’s a reason so many homeowners choose to have swimming pools and the positives can greatly outweigh any negatives, if you properly care for and maintain your pool. Here are 2 of the most common mistakes pool owners make that may often lead to green pools or expensive repairs.

  1. Treating your pool like a water park every day. The sole reason you have a pool is to be able to use it. However, the more people that are in your swimming pool, the more chlorine that is needed to keep your chemicals balanced. It’s always best to notify us that you’re going to be having an outdoor shindig so we can properly prep your pool, as well as be prepared to add additional chemicals after the party takes place.
  2. Letting the pets play in your pool. There is nothing like a fun day in the pool with your long-haired retriever, however make sure to properly care for your pool if it’s both human and K-9 friendly. Net your swimming pool promptly after your animals swim. Also clean your skimmer basket and filter the following day to ensure the hair doesn’t get back into your swimming pool. Proper maintenance can prevent excessive debris or worse – a clogged impeller.